Saturday, September 4, 2010


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I like to think that this is sunrise;
That the sun will climb through that golden ring!
I like to think that the night's been stormy
And what relief the new day will bring.
For that must be the derivation
Of the old term 'breakthrough' which we say.
Angry clouds like a thick grey curtain,
Through which the sunshine makes its way.
But other 'breakthroughs' deserve a mention....
Illnesses now suddenly cured!
Medical science performing miracles.
Healthy lives for most ensured.
What of depression, that cloud of greyness!
Oh what joy when the feeling lifts!
That personal breakthrough must be heavenly;
One of life's very special gifts.

But, at this time, there is a 'breakthrough'
Devoutly desired by everyone.
A Middle-East breakthrough would be wonderful.
We'd shout out 'Look! Here comes the sun!'



When your Ship of Life is listing and likely to capsize,
And Sleep wont pay a visit even though you close your eyes
You must take heed of a trick of mine that, maybe, you have missed.
It's that all-important, self-destructing, ever-decreasing List.

I, too, my friends, have tossed and turned and thrashed about in bed,
Thinking of things that must be written, telephoned or read.
Imagining the chaos that will fall about my ears
When the next day dawns and I'm caught out! It's sure to end in tears.

Get out of bed and take a pen and write your 'Things to Do'.
Already you'll feel better; I know, for sure, it's true.
There may be fifty items, or even fifty-six!
But seeing them in black and white makes them a cinch to fix!

Now number them. Find Number One, The MOST IMPORTANT task.
And follow it with two, then three. It's not too much to ask.
Now, there and then, be resolute and concentrate your mind
On that vital Number One alone! And I know that you will find

That, already, you feel better, for your tired brain's been tricked!
It thinks you've only one concern! The Number One you've picked!
Decide on a course of action then cross that devil out!
You'll feel that you've achieved your goal without the slightest doubt.

Go back to bed, exhausted. You've wrestled with your life,
But now you're tired and satisfied not full of stress and strife.
Try this little ruse of mine! Don't end up round the twist!
Write that all-important, self-destructing, ever-decreasing List.


Elizabeth said...

I don't know which one I like better, the breakthrough or the list. But, then again, why should I feel a need to choose one over the other. They are both filled with good rhyme and even better reason. Ahh, it's a tie. I'm so glad I got that one figured out. It's always a pleasure to visit here, thanks for being you.


Diane T said...

I abolutely love this poem...especially illnesses suddenly cured... what a breakthrough!

FranE said...

It has been a while since I have been by. Love the poem. Expresses a great deal of feelings.

RiikaInfinityy said...

Wonderfully written =D~

Anonymous said...

Both of these are superb, Rinkly, with clever rhyme and rhythm. My preference (but only just) is for the second - that is what my husband does, lists for everything!

Two enjoyable poems.

Tilly Bud said...

Really enjoyed these and I like the way you have used the illustrations.

Amanda Moore said...

Your breakthrough was beautifully filled with hope! It was a pleasure to read.