Sunday, September 19, 2010



It comes unsought and unexpected.
It lasts moments, not years.
It catches one by the throat and then leaves, laughing.


A vignette from an earlier time,
When dingy whites were an utter crime!
Monday was Wash Day! Without fail!
White washing was a Holy Grail!
Rissoles for lunch, always, on Monday,
Made from the roasted meat from Sunday.
No time to cook the usual feast;
The burden must not be increased!
Mothers, with such restricted lives,
Made a fetish of being wives,
And sparkling laundry was the aim.
One-Up-Man-Ship the only game!
The purpose of her mighty labours
Was to out-do her next-door-neighbours!
Remember Blue-Bags on laundry day?
Blue-Bags to take away the grey?
How the whites were soaked awhile,
Until they made our mothers smile;
Until sheets hanging on the line,
Fluttered, dazzlingly divine;
Till we saw Mother's spirits soar
For her's were whiter than her's next-door!
Blue-Bags set our mothers free
To see life as it ought to be;
Not as something dull and flawed,
But WHITE to make neighbours over-awed!
Maybe all of us use tricks,
To give our little egos kicks.
Could we but make our dreams come true
By doctoring our lives with blue!


Teresa said...

Both poems are nice, but I absolutely love the Haiku. The shortness of the poem matches the brevity of bliss in our lives. Excellent!

geraldgee said...

Did "Tide" kill the blue bag?

Vinay Leo R. said...

bliss for a moment, seems like years too I think :) it just keeps returning I feel..

nice words.. thanks for playing along at HH again :)

Rumya said...

Lovely poems both!! :) Truly Blissful!!

Nanka said...

Nice words woven into the two poems. :)

Ramesh Sood said...

That's good one!