Saturday, March 27, 2010


An Acrostic

True, it's brought us gadget toys beyond our wildest dreams!
Everything that can be made is being made it seems!
Clever people keep 'improving life', or so they say.
Happily we grasp at every brand new chance to 'play'.
Now we have the whole world in our grasp with just one click!
Ordinary people are becoming 'wise' and 'slick'.
Letters once were written with such elegance and grace;
(Oh, what we have lost pursuing this, our faster pace!)
Gains are always matched by losses, downsides must exist.
Yes! We've gained an awful lot.
But should we now desist?

Technology gone mad here:


Inay said...

yup.....with a real sense of belief...
I am half the world away from you ...

yet in split second...i could see beyond imagination...

God bless you all....

maryleal said...

Thank you Brenda for commenting on my very first post. I am brand new at this and it was a thrill to get a comment.
You and I are addressing and questioning the benefits of technology, you in words, beautifully, and me with colored pencils.

Cheryl said...

How much is too much I wonder?