Monday, March 8, 2010

A Hint of Gold

The actual house where we lived.



Only a hint of yellow and a name that's incomplete,
But a huge piece of my memory-bank and a well-remembered street.
This was 'Kangaroo Valley', or, to be precise, Earls Court,
Where I lived in London, the city where I taught.
The street was called the Cromwell Road; I suppose it's called that still.
I remember it so very well and I think I always will.
I lived there with friend Margaret, now in the USA;
Was it two years , was it three? The memory slips away.
We used to go to dances and we had boy-friends I know,
But I've forgotten most of them; it was all so long ago!
When Margaret left for America, and I sailed away as well,
Our changes of direction suddenly broke the spell.
But I often consider the nick-name of the Cromwell Road because,
Many decades later I ended up in Oz.
'Kangaroo Valley' they called it and it didn't mean a thing,
As I hadn't the remotest idea of what the years would bring.
It was full of Australians. They seemed a foreign breed,
But full of great exuberance, enjoying life, indeed!
Yes, I know it was a happy time, that youthful time of old.
The picture may be 'yellow' but the memories are GOLD.
Another view of the time and place here:


Elizabeth said...

I too lived briefly in Earl's Court.
But HATED it with a passion -- not a good period in my life.

Your poem was more cheery.

Coffeedoff said...

I lived in London most of my life, but only went to Earls Court for the Ideal Home Exhibition. Great rhyme!

lazyclick said...

Beautiful house.

Kat said...

GOLDEN Yellow indeed...!!! the memories.

Kim, USA said...

I love the hint of yellow in front of the house. Lovely house!

The petal

Stephanie V said...

The splashes of yellow make it seem so cheerful. Many young people usually make a house happy.

Stephanie V said...

Those splashes of yellow are definitely cheery. Nice that you can go back in time - sort of.

Margaret Gosden said...

Yes, the third window up was our flat - bath and bathroom down the hall! I spent a third of my income on rent. The woman on the steps was our neighbor, a long time friend of mine who got married from here!
I cooked on a gas ring that popped out of the wall and a shilling was needed to keep it primed. That was when I learned to cook spaghetti bolognaise that could be cooked in one pan! Yes, those were the golden days!