Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"Jeweled Jeopardy"

We have a Melodrama 'club' and we go round to various gatherings and perform melodramas. There's a lot of audience involvement. 'Wish you were here.'

Letter 'J'

(A lighthearted melodrama)

Pam is the Director of our silly little play,
'Jeweled Jeopardy', with which we're having fun.
She bosses us and pleads with us and always gets her way,
And she's obeyed by each and every one!

Joy plays the role of 'Fifi'; she is our ravishing French Maid,
 Her mannerisms suit this to perfection.
She's pursued by her employer, but she is rather staid,
And keeps running in the opposite direction.
Here's another Pam; she is the Villain of the piece;
As you can see, he's rather over-weight!
Sir Vincent is his name; his shilly-shallyings never cease,
And he always has his eye on his next mate! 
Here's Loretta, Fifi's mother, who's always on the gin;
She has a few choice bottles in her bag!
She's insulted by Sir Vincent but she takes it on the chin. 
She's really an impossible old hag! 
Roslyn's Kit, the hero; living on a Batman's pay;
He hates Sir Vincent playing fast and loose.
But in the end he proves that every dog can have his day,
Even though he doesn't say 'Boo' to a goose!

Here's Brenda; she is Maisie, Sir Vincent's latest wife;
A gold-digger and surely on the make.
Wherever Maisie goes there's sure to be a lot of strife,
Her love for Vincent's nothing but a fake!
Here's Betty; she is Oswald, a murderer and fraud,
Adored by Maisie for his sex-appeal.
He plans to kill old Vincent and run away abroad
He's what we'd call a good old-fashioned 'heel'.
Joy and Pauline; Gossips, over the garden fence,
Commenting on the action, as it were.
Sometimes, I fear, the ladies do not make a lot of sense!
But we laugh at them whenever they confer.
Finally, here's Jill, who keeps the props and such in line;
That's why she's shown in much more normal dress.
In her hand she has a torch; that's how the moon will shine.
The 'moonlight' scene is something to impress!
There's the line-up of our play; not exactly 'Broadway' stuff!
But the audience sings with us all the way.
And we may not be The Old Vic, but I think we're good enough.
We hope you'll come and see us in our play! 
A very different theatre here:


Rune Eide said...

Now, that was a J-post with a difference! A pleasure to read.

Darlene said...

I wish I could see your play. It looks lie fun,

Unknown said...

Oh, such fun! I love how you are living your life. You always have the best attitude and ideas! Very wonderful! Your play looks SO fun. Would love to watch it!

photowannabe said...

I would realy love to see that play. The charactersmust make it truly wonderful.

Hildred said...

You must have a marvelous time at rehearsals, - what a lot of fun! Wish I could see your play....

Stan Ski said...

This looks like a lot of fun.

Tumblewords: said...

Wow! What fun that must be - I think that would be a terrific show and one I'd love to see!

January Zelene said...

cute costumes. I bet it's a very interesting play.

My ABC Wednesday

annies home said...

what a grateful J post

Roger Owen Green said...

This is hysterical! great fun.

Inay said...

it doesn't look like a lot of is FUN itself...

God bless you...
may the laughter be heard across the land...
God bless...