Monday, March 1, 2010

Yellow Fellows



I know this is Pam!
(How clever I am!)
I don't need to ask!
It's only a mask.
A party festivity,
Treated with levity.
Yellow? Well. yes!
(How did you guess?)
And here are some more!
Masks to the fore!

Here we have fish
(But not on a dish.)

This moon's made of wood!
(Isn't it good!)
From China, this one;
I think it's great fun!

Harvest time, Gouro;
(That's Africa, you know.)

This one is weird
And much to be feared.

The teeth on this chap
Will shortly go 'Snap'!

This one is sillier
And very familiar!
Yellow, the lot!
So I hit the spot.
But Pam's is the best;
It beats all the rest.
She wears it with style.
(It must be the smile!)

A medical mask here:


Debbiedoos said...

Those where great masks, I love the last one! LOL!!~

Ricepatty said...

Terrific! Love those masks what an assortment :)

Kim, USA said...

I like the first picture that is very cool, I like it!

3 Beautiful Gnomes

srp said...

Most of these are beautiful.... that last one though... a bit scary to meet on a crowded street...

Sorry about that last phrase!