Saturday, March 13, 2010

Suicide Bombers

This rather solemn acrostic was suggested by
It seems apt for today when we have woken to the news of another slaughter in Pakistan!


Such awful concepts now exist!
Useless death is on the list.
It's caused by the older generation.....
Children dying! Abomination!
Innocent children, manipulated
Duped and brain-washed, decimated!
Every day it seems we hear
Beastly stories from far and near,
Of  teenagers caught up in the madness;
Mothers sending them off with gladness!
Bombs attached to sweet young flesh
Everywhere! Baghdad, Bangladesh!
Ruthless adults making wars!
Surely there can be no just cause.


Darlene said...

An excellent acrostic for a grim subject.

It is hard to fathom how easily people can be manipulated into doing something so insane.

Margaret Gosden said...

Well said about this very, very bad human depravity that exists, in this day and age, in the name of 'god'. This cannot be said often enough in every language there is - mothers, wake up, stand up and protect
your children from such ignorance and cruelty.