Sunday, March 14, 2010

Talent Show

suggests the opening lines of
'DAUGHTER OF FORTUNE' by  Isabel Allende.
They are written in 'blue'.


Everyone is born with some special talent,
Even if it isn't always plain to see!
Some have a talent for major self-deception.
That may, of course, include the likes of me!
We've seen and heard them all on TV programs;
The warblers gaily singing out of tune,
The dancers with the two left feet, galumphing,
The crooners who just don't know how to croon.
I kid myself I'm talented at verses!
I'm thrilled when I see stuff of mine in print,
But I know 'real poets' wonder why I bother;
'Doggerel isn't poetry' they hint.
Is it better to imagine one's a winner,
Against the better judgment of the crowd?
To strut around, puffed up with thoughts of grandeur,
When there isn't any reason to be proud?
Or should one be all hesitant and humble,
Keeping one's 'talents' underneath  a stone,
Should I  be shy about my little verses,
Secretly scribbling when I'm all alone?
Just think of all the talents that lie wasting!
The books that never see the light of day!
Just because authors feel they must be modest
And hide the 'next great masterpiece' away!
No! Better to flaunt, and face 'outrageous fortune',
The snide remarks and pursed lips of the many,
Be brave and put your little talents 'out there',
(Unless, of course, it's true you haven't any!)

A useful little talent here:


Stan Ski said...

The world is full of people who think their talents are better than those of others.

Gemma Wiseman said...

A wonderful piece of enetertaining rhythms! And beneath the veil of jingly jangly rings are some very profound thoughts digging at those who may be self-aggrandising and equally digging at those who think they should not! Very clever!

Cheryl said...

I love your rhymes and I say go for it for those who dare display their "talents"! I admire anyone who will try something at least once and if it makes them happy or proud, great!

Inay said...

talents should be shared...
you may not please everybody
but it doesn't mean none will...

just learn to touch with a heart..
and let the lady cry for it...

talent is not for keeps...
nor should it be for brags...

just let it shine like a star..
that guides other to shine....
and upon doing so....
you might never know.....

b+ (Retire In Style Blog) said...

I may not have any talent but I would be the last to admit is just to much fun to not flaunt what we have.

Thank you.


Unknown said...

No! Better to flaunt, and face 'outrageous fortune' And leave them (me anyway) with a smile.

Lilibeth said...

Don't ever be embarrassed of your "doggerel". It brings me smiles of delight. Poetry doesn't have to be heavy, somber, passionate, "unrhymed and therefore better", "obscure and therefore deeper", "unfathomable and therefore more sophisticated". It can simply speak to people like me.