Monday, March 29, 2010

The Cord

                                                  Mary Westring
I have discovered a brand new Blog

I wrote this little frippery in response to her delightful satirical art work.


The umbilical cord
That links us to Reality
Has no cord.
Odd that!

The Great Womb
Called cyberspace
Is on the end of
That non-existent cord.

The Mother who nurtures us,
Talks to us,
Compliments us,
Reminds us,
Bolsters our confidence
And is our greatest friend.
The world is terrifying.
We are surrounded by the Unknowns,
Strange people mill about us.
We can avoid contact
By retaining our link
To the Great Mother.
'Keep close' she says.
'I speak with a thousand voices
But have no fear
For I am with you.
To prove that you exist.


Inay said...

the invisible cord that link us to the world
and that cord that made our world
see you on the other side for such is thine wish
to link my world upon the globe

God bless you

Margaret Gosden said...

We can't stop creative innovation - it's nature's way.
So, can the 'Great Mother' (as defined) replace
the ancient concept of 'God' (from whom all current religions derive). Your 'little frippery' is an
attractive possibility!