Sunday, March 14, 2010

Police Brutality

Another grim acrostic suggestion from


Problems of Law and Order are universal woes;
Often from a small dispute a local riot grows.
Left to sort it out themselves people may go berserk.
It seems the Police are needed, to make society work.
Creating a peaceful way of life is the duty of the Force;
Except that Policemen are human and frail themselves, of course!
Beatings, cruelties and deaths result in many cases;
Rioters become victims, with blood upon their faces.
Unhappily, there is torture; corruption rears its head;
Totally inappropriate actions fill us all with dread.
Although we can't be lawless and law-keepers must be there,
Looters must be managed and muggings made more rare,
It seems to me that Robert Peel must be turning in his grave
To think back to his high ideals, the example that he gave.
Yet not all is gloom and doom, my friends; when we're walking down the street
We often meet a good cop, the policeman on the beat.

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