Monday, March 29, 2010

Beauty in the Bark


The eucalyptus leaf, I find, is dull in the extreme.
But the bark's a different story! See its patterns! See it gleam!
Here I offer a homage to some of the bark one sees
As one looks for different 'paintings' on the eucalyptus trees.

Elderly skin, scarred by the years,
Sad and faded now,
Creamy, undulating, pale,
On every  trunk and bough.

Nature has painted a pallid shape
Against a sunset sky,
Like a cave-painted hand from long ago,
Leaving it there to dry.

Snow as it thaws, all mixed with stains
From the bush-land all around.
Metallic bitter memories
Leaching into the ground.

More bush magic here:


Cheryl said...

I have never seen anything such as this..lovely colors indeed.

FranE said...

I love eucalyptus leaves. In my climate though they do not live long enough to have beautiful bark. I love trees and your poem is wonderful. I just blogged on trees on my genealogy blog. Reminds me of how our character is formed too.

Inay said...

uhummm colorful with great ideas...

the older the tree,
the colorful is its history
beyond each strands of woods and cotton
there lies what was long ago..

God bless