Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Those Eyes!


I've a mind to sue this lady! The one with the violet eyes!
She stole away the best part of my youth!
I'm not prepared to forgive her, and I'll never compromise!
I'm hell-bent on revenge and that's the truth.
Elizabeth Taylor and I were born only weeks apart
And her career was parallel to mine!
But she was up in celluloid, stealing every heart,
With that certain aura, entrancing and divine,
While I was pouring over books, bespectacled and plain,
Without a single boyfriend to my name!
And seeing her picture daily was a never-ending pain!
Without a doubt she has to take the blame!
I felt that boring hazel eyes were simply below par,
And mousy hair could never rival black!
I yearned to be a celebrity, a fashion-plate, a star,
But my mirror said 'You're just a poor sad sack!'
I'd never have a lover and I'd never be a wife;
I'd never catch the eye of any man!
(And, darling, in the fifties, that was the aim of life!)
I'd simply be a sad old also-ran.
But I've lived a life that's given me the things for which I yearned,
And, today, both Liz and I are old and wise.
I realise it doesn't follow that a young girl will be spurned
Just because she hasn't violet eyes!


Cheryl said...

Oh I did so enjoy this!

Margaret Gosden said...

She may have had all that one might have wished for oneself, but it did not guarantee her what you got so satisfactorily in the end. By all accounts, her life was
and still is a struggle to be content and perhaps she is now looking back and lamenting her early success before learning anything about life. Who knows. Just a thought.

tina tarnoff said...

What a great poem!! I loved it! I'm so glad that my posting her photos inspired you to write this poem.

Stan Ski said...

These days, Liz just makes us want to laugh. You, on the other hand, make us smile.

gautami tripathy said...

So beautiful...

as a dirge it sucks!

Geraldine said...

I agree with Stan. And the measures of success in life come in many forms. I sure wouldn't want to have had all of her health problems. The bio "Rich" about Richard Burton, describes their day to day life in detail. Far from glamourous in many ways.

This was a fun read though!

Sherri B. said...

What a wonderful read this was...so clever and well done!

Robin said...

Oh, I love this! So original and clever, and the content is just perfect. Great post!

Loch Rob said...

Liz back in the day. Nice.

Carina said...

Yes, very clever! I know what you mean. It can be hard to watch those our own age, and possibly from a similar walk of life, achieve fame and fortune while we sit back like little sparrows and exist. And then, one day, we look back and find out that our life out in the wild prairie was infinitely more joyful than any old peacock displayed in the zoo.

Patti said...

I agree with Stan~~~ Although Liz has apparently "lived the life" I sure, for one, would NOT want the life she has lived! Nicely written poem~ thanks!!!

Tammie Lee said...

yes, the aura of a beautiful star is far reaching. Wonderful poem Brenda.

Tumblewords: said...

I so enjoyed this read - you've written it perfectly!

Amity said...

I could only smile...such a lovely poem...

yeah, a beautiful aura can shot us to fame while being plane and ordinary?

i was like that ugly duckling, or so i think...coz some of my contemporaries are better off than me, but i live a happy and contented life while all they can say "it's lonely at the top"!

I enjoyed this poem so much!

Aayushi Mehta said...

I loved the underlying message, and the poem made me laugh! Great work!

Carlos Gesmundo said...

The violet eyes didn't prevent deaths and divorces. Life compensates. Nature restores some balance. I believe you're happier than most.

Best wishes.

Paul Andrew Russell said...

Reading this really made me smile. Very funny, sad, witty; all in one poem.

brenda w said...

Beautiful piece. Great message, I'm glad you shared this one at Poets United!

Just Me said...

What a beautiful poem. How many young woman feel the same way, even today. I definitely can relate to this. I love it!

Serving Hugs on a Platter and Tears in a Teacup said...

I really loved this! Very nice storytelling and a wonderfullly flowing rhyme.

Luv! Luv! Luv!


rch said...

Hi Brenda, just popping over from Poets United, very good poem, it tells a great story and is quite humorous, plus it's perfect for the prompt.

Mary said...

A fun poem, and your sense of humor sparkles through!!

Diane T said...

Eventually 'old and wise' hits us all, even the rich and famous! Nice poem.

ninotaziz said...

Hi there,
I have often admired Elizabeth Taylor's eyes...nd all other beauties of the day.

Thank you for the reminder on perspective and that a girlish heart once beats within!

Lynette Killam said...

I enjoyed that thoroughly, Brenda! Much was made of Elizabeth's violet eyes back in the day! Your witty and poignant view echoes how I often felt myself, when I dared to make comparisons.

Older and wiser is definitely better...


RiikaInfinityy said...

Fun and interesting to read:D Sort of rhyme it all out:3 Thank for sharing^^~

Carrie Van Horn said...

Brenda this is simply perfect!! This is so true and so fun to read!

Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...

Your poem written with 'Eyes' as the subject, was a delight to read.
To use Elizabeth Taylor's beautiful violet eyes, as your inspiration, was excellent.

Now following your Blog!

Best wishes,