Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Handwriting Two


Here is a little handy hint
About the letters that you print
Or write in flowing arty style,
Gauging each curve and loop the while.
Let us have a look at SIZE.
Read this and you'll become more wise
Judging every scribbled note
That a friend or enemy wrote.
Large writing marks the self reliant,
Not the modest and compliant.
Active restless, easy-going,
Rarely faltering or slowing.
Extroverts who're never shy,
Always reaching for the sky.
But they can be over-bearing,
If so, others find them wearing!
Small-sized writers think a lot,
Like to cogitate and plot,
Academics often write
In a style that's rather tight.
If the writing's very small
With hardly any height at all
The writer may be in his shell.
It's hard to know him very well.
As for the medium-size, they're fine,
So well-balanced that they shine.
Bold enough to stand their ground
But they don't bully those around.
Shy enough to be reserved
And get the praise that's so deserved.
In a personality test
The middle-ground can be the best.

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Margaret Gosden said...

Now that so many use typescript, replacing handwritten letters, is it possible to tell character by
the way the writer phrases, spells, punctuates, uses the language, etc. I wonder?