Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Health Warning!


To be sung to the tune of 'That's Why the Lady is a Tramp'.

I get too hungry for dieting stuff!
Of things forbidden I can't get enough!
And deprivation can really be tough!
That's why I go ahead and eat!
My stomach rumbles when it is deprived!
It starts its purring when food has arrived.
That's why I'm healthy and why I've survived.
And  why I go ahead and eat!
I love the smell of any old roast!
That is my boast.
I've grossed
The most!
I'm salivating from morning till night.
I'm in a frenzy to bite that first bite.
I lie and chew when I've turned down the light!
I think that food is hard to beat.
Be devils! Go ahead and eat!


Ricepatty said...

Love that!! Especially now that I am "dieting" and yes it is killing me :-)

irene said...

Boldly she eats :)