Tuesday, March 9, 2010

On Eagle's Wings


When I was young I lived my life
In a churchy atmosphere.
My father was a lay-reader
And he always made it clear
That Church was a very solemn place
Where flippancy was hidden,
And girlish giggles (there were lots)
Were certainly forbidden.
The hymns were always beautiful
But verging on funereal
And the ambience was theatrical
But also quite ethereal.
Recently I was in a church
To read some poetry.
'You can hop up to the lectern!'
The vicar said to me!
'But my poetry's very secular!'
I quickly then demurred.
'Some of my verses may sound wrong!
Are you sure they should be heard?'
'Go right ahead!' He gave a grin,
'We're now part of society!
I'm sure that you wont offer us
The slightest impropriety.'
For a moment I felt quite non-plussed 
As I stood above the crowd!
Me and that golden eagle!
How could it be allowed!
But all went well and I relaxed.
I soon felt at my ease.
Not as though I and the venue
Were as different as chalk and cheese!
Later, when I considered it
I wondered how I'd have gone,
In the years of dour solemnity
I now look back upon,
If there'd been a bit of fun about,
A little bit of mirth,
A little nod, just now and then,
To the earthiness of earth.
Would I have turned away from Church
As I did without a doubt,
If I'd have felt relaxed within
As I did, I know, without?
There was I, in my new red jacket,
'Scarlet woman' or just plain me?
I know my Dad came to my mind!
I was glad he couldn't see!
I sympathise with the young lady here:


Ralph said...

Faith is very important, the church building is not what matters as the congregants in the church. I never thought that God wants us to be dour, there is a time for work and worship, and equally, for fun things together. Indeed, life include fun and a relaxed frivolity. You look great at the lectern, your words witty and wonderful!

Patty said...

Good for you, your bright red jacket, I bet everyone loved the poems and the color you added to the drab colored walls. I'm sure you father would have been proud of you.

Kim, USA said...

I say scarlet woman on an Eagle's wings. ^_^

Christmas Cactus

Margaret Gosden said...

Yes, you look great, Brenda, a superb portrait of a
poet enjoying the moment.

Ricepatty said...

It really doesn't matter now you're back there in a joyous way - and sporting a red jacket to boot!

Snooze said...

beautiful red jacket.

Unknown said...

What a lovely poem and you look great in the red jacket too.

Happy TQM!
Happy RT!
Happy HOT!





❀~Myrna~❀ said...

Beautiful you in red & a wonderful poem !

Jo said...

You look wonderful in your red jacket, Brenda. And the poem, as always: perfect! God never wanted us to be dour and miserable. Religion and legalism have been the reason for many people turning away from an abundant life in Christ - such a pity. And yes, your dad would have been proud of his talented daughter!

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

Your red jacket matched the carpet. I am sure your reading would have vowed the audience, and you would be invited to read again.

Churches are quite open these days, they screen secular movies.