Wednesday, March 3, 2010



What could be more trivial than a slogan such as this?
Painted very casually, but very hard to miss!
One presumes this ancient vehicle moves slowly.
It has a certain geriatric air!
And I also get a definite impression
That the driver of it doesn't really care!
He bumbles up and down along the highway,
With lots of black smoke belching out the back,
And a rattling of all the bits and pieces
While he's driving, chewing on a tasty snack!
Meanwhile cars are hooting, building-up behind him;
Men are swearing loudly at the great delays,
He's delighted that he has the power to snub them
With 'Patience is a Virtue!'. What a phrase!
Another unusual driver here:


Rajesh said...

Wonderful slogan and definitely hard to miss on that vehicle.

Troy said...

What a fun photo, and a fun poem to go with it.

Why is it I always seem to be the one behind him, muttering and having my virtuous patience tested?
I enjoyed this post, it made me smile.

Thank you for joining Tuesday Trivia Tie-in this week. I Hope you can join next week too!