Friday, March 5, 2010

Mountain Mist

                                                                            Brenda Bryant



We admit we have no mountains, well, not ones that pierce the sky,
For what we're inclined to call mountains aren't quite that.
They're really very climbable; they don't go up too high.
In fact the Swiss might speak of them as 'flat'.
Ours is the oldest land-mass in the history of the earth;
Our mountains wore away long, long ago.
And our use of the word 'mountain' might be greeted with much mirth.
As our 'highlands' really are a truer 'low'.
But, in the Hunter Valley, where the little 'mountains' rise,
They give us quite an Alpine point of view,
As they give us shade and shelter and a picture for our eyes,
And they pierce our glorious great and shining blue.
More Australian mountain scenery here:

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