Friday, March 12, 2010

Meteorological Magic!


(January recollection)

Now that we are gathered together
Let's have a chat about the weather!
Half past ten, a walk to the shops,
With one or two unscheduled stops.
I gaze at the sky and it seems quite clear
That a day of cloud or rain is here.
Eleven o'clock I'm homeward bound,
Pushing my trolley. I look around.
I gaze up at a cloudless sky!
There's a blazing sun on its own on high!
'Burn-off' they call it! And does it burn!
I'm hoping for cool clouds to return!

An Aboriginal weather forecast here:


overtiredmum said...

You can take a girl out of Britain but you can stop her talking about the weather!

I've gone for a plane trail this week too (great minds!) xo

Sylvia K said...

Great shots and words as always! I guess most of us who participate in sky watch do fixate on the weather and the skies!! Have a great weekend, Brenda!


Cheryl said...

Pretty colored sky! It looks like the sky overhead here today.

Margaret Gosden said...

I like the composition of the first one! I take it you will be moving into a cooler climate soon while we look forward to spring that officially starts here March 20. But it won't get really warm until mid-May when
planting can begin, around Mothers Day.

Hildred said...

The weather seems to change in the twinkling of an eye, - blue skies are lovely, but inclined to make one pretty warm at times. Nevertheless it is always great to see them return.

Kat said...


Long time back I read somewhere...
in essence its as follows:

people in an indian tribe asked their chief if winter would last long and hence in anticipation should they cut sufficient wood...

the chief thought it over and asked his people to cut more wood.

a week later he was a little uneasy about his decision and hence decided to consult the meteorological dept..... so he walked quite some distance and called them up in tel.

And a voice answered that it's going to be a long winter.

And back he marched and told his people to cut lots of wood and be prepared for a long haul.

and a week later again he went to the tel and called up the M dept. And they confirmed again that it's going to be a long long winter.

the chief then asked " how do you know"

and the officer in the meteorological office replied..... " the equipment here do not indicate a long winter.... but the injuns are cutting wood like mad.... so it should be a long winter "..!!!!!

Anna said...

What a change! I love those dramatic clouds in the first pic.

Anonymous said...

I loVE coming to your blog because you have such a wonderful sense of humour!

Patti said...

Ah, the weather. Always changing. Love the composition of the top photo.

Kim said...

What a lovely photo!
The Misplaced Midwesterner