Monday, March 15, 2010

Joey's Recipe

I'm cheating here! This recipe came to me via another blogger and it was called 'Pouch Potatoes'. That has a lovely alliterative ring to it, but a baby kangaroo is called a JOEY and a JOEY lives in a pouch so ....... 


Picture it upon your plate, when you're at a barbecue,
Or at the dining-table! Anywhere will do.
Imagine the enjoyment when you take a little peek
And you savour the aroma and go gloriously weak!
When the foil is opened how you'll pounce upon a meal
Which is begging to be eaten and is utterly ideal!
O.K.! O.K.! The recipe..... I won't keep you in suspense!
I know your mouths are watering! I feel you growing tense!
Herewith is the recipe; I've written it for you.
And I promise you wont need the pouch of any kangaroo!
Start with aluminium*, a strong sheet of the foil.
Butter it quite sparingly (or else you may use oil.)
Cover with potatoes, very thinly sliced,
Then add the chopped-up onion and peppers finely diced.
Finally add your favourite herbs (I'm very fond of sage.)
And celery's another thing you could toss-on at this stage.
Be inventive!  Maybe splash a modicum of sauce!
Soy is rather tasty! It's a personal choice, of course.
To capture all the juices fold as tightly as you wish
Then place your package in the oven in a little shallow dish.
After half an hour at medium heat your 'joey' should be cooked
And be assured this tasty treat will not be overlooked.
Ingredients and measurements? Don't be too scientific!
A bit of this, a bit of that adds up to quite terrific.
* Some people call this aloominum!

A different view of the Kangaroo here:


Cheryl said...

We "cook" like this when camping or sometimes on the grill.

Margaret Gosden said...

Sounds good. Will give it a try!

Inay said...

nice one........

God bless

Hedwig said...

You have an interesting blog. Nice to read and look at your pictures. A good training for me too - to read English and write too.
Have a nice day