Sunday, March 7, 2010


The words in blue are the starting words of 'Love You To' by the Beatles.


Each day just goes so fast....
I turn around, it's past.
And isn't it a great disaster
That old age makes it go much faster!
Xmas now with Easter merges,
Waves of Time roll with great surges!
Birthdays pile up ceaselessly!
Branches grow on the Family Tree.
Surely the Beatles were quite young
When this original song was sung!
Surely they couldn't imagine, clearly,
That time would gallop so, and yearly!
It was just a useful phrase
To register the passing days.
Now they're all old , it seems to me,
They sing it in a minor key!
They realise that finite Time
Can't be contained in a simple rhyme!
'Stop! Stop!' we cry, 'Slow down! Slow down!
In minutes, hours and days we'll drown!'
Inexorable! That's the word
That makes we humans feel absurd.
Helplessly we're swept along
To where all used-up things belong.
The terrible, terrible speed increases
Until it ceases.
How the Beatles imagined they would look in later life!
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keiths ramblings said...

My goodness, you didn't waste much time! Love your poem, but then I always do. Not sure I like the last line though!!!!Thanks so much for your loyal support of Carry On.

Gemma Wiseman said...

Really enjoyed your take on this prompt! Especially loved how you commented on a few loopholes in the Beatles' viewpoint!

Stan Ski said...

Sadly, it's ceased already, for two of them.

rob kistner said...

Really nice turn on this pharse -- well written! At my next b'day I will be 64, hope they still need me... ;)

Too bad the fab four didn't make it to the projected portrait you displayed, some great music never made it into the world.

Here's mine

Nara Malone said...

I can't imagine turning out such quality so fast. I don't know how you do it. Great job.

Anonymous said...

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