Thursday, April 1, 2010

Chemical Warfare

Another Acrostic idea from


Can the human mind imagine anything as bad as this?
Have we got a foretaste of our final Nemesis?
Evil in its human form, and yet impersonal too,
Mayhem can be wreaked with just an unmanned craft or two!
If this power is ever utilised it will break us all apart.
Chemical, biological, watch mass destruction start!
Agent Orange is remembered for the awful devastation,
Local Vietnamese endured a dreadful situation.
War is bad; we all know, that, whichever way it's fought,
And we know about great armies and the horrors they have wrought.
Regular army tactics can be brutal and profane.
Far, far worse are chemicals, or anthrax on a train!
Are we all so stupid that we let the planners plan
Rapid mass-extinction of every woman, every man?
Endings are always rather sad; that's something we must face.
But how much worse is it to plan the end of the Human Race?

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