Sunday, March 14, 2010

Gerald Gee

                                                     Gerald Gee


I was saving this for later, somewhere down the track,
But Gerald Gee has closed his Blog. Will he be coming back?
He is a fun cartoonist, but a serious artist too,
And his slant on things is always unpredictable and new.
I've enjoyed his English landscapes and his musical videos,
As well as his rather risque quips; there were plenty of those!
He's always written comments that were thoughtful and succint,
And his old, nostalgic photographs were good enough to print.
I thought he'd go on for ever, but it seems that he's laid-low
With some sort of blood-infection, and so he's closed the show.
I publish this cartoon of his to celebrate his skill.
We miss you Gerald! Hurry back! So sorry that you're ill!


Elisabeth said...

The cartoon is wonderful, Brenda, but GG's departure is sad.

I do not know him, or his work but from what you say here and from his wonderful cartoon, I hope he recovers for his own sake and that he comes back to blogland for ours.

SandyCarlson said...

That is a fun cartoon. it's always sad when a blogger shuts down. Like a friend moving away.

Margaret Gosden said...

A beautiful tribute Brenda, well put, to a comedian who so humorously brings back the yesteryear of some of us Brits.

Come back soon and continue to remind us what happened in the years following WW2, Gerald!

Cheryl said...

Loved the cartoon. Do hope your blogger friend is ok and comes back.

Inay said...

it is very difficult to find a better artist...

yup....same with peanuts....garfield....oddlife...etc...

hard to find contemporary....cause their touch really can hit the floor board..

May God be with GG.....god bless you all...

Doctor FTSE said...

The cartoon is seriously funny . . and your tribute to the artist seriously generous and kind.

Unknown said...

Brenda thank you so much - this was beautiful to find. My Uncle Gee passed away yesterday afternoon - all his family and friends are of course deeply grieved as he proved right to the end how much humour, soul and spirit he had - despite his illness. His last Facebook comment was "faith in the good lord" while jesting with my mother about holding on 'downunder' while walking around the world.... however - "doubt heaven will get me" was under religious views... ever the comedian...
Rest in Peace Gerald Grimes x x x

Anonymous said...

I'll follow Nikki and say thank you to everyone who followed uncle G's blog, I know his followers meant a lot to him because he referred to you all often as 'My Followers' - he particularly used to mention 'Rinkly Rimes' so thank you Brenda I know your support was appreciated.

Jane Bligh said...

Hi Nikki,
I knew Leslie Grimes (Grimey) whilst he was living here in Ibiza. I did model for him, for a nude, which we couldn't afford to buy. I'd love to know where it is. Meanwhile, at my great age, I am re marrying and have picked one of his sketches, 'DANCE ME TO THE END OF LOVE' to have printed on my invitations. I hope this is ok? Best wishes from Ibiza