Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Treatment!



The Jazzy and the Gaudy and Ephemeral and such
All demand Red Carpets when they come to town,
And the Managers and Organisers give them what they want
And the Papparazzi watch them lay it down.
And the Starlets and the Famous tread their light fantastic step
And we see them preen and jut their hips just so,
And they smile into the cameras with teeth a dazzling white
And their skin all peachy with an even glow.
Red Carpets always signify importance in this world;
They're not laid out for 'also-rans' like me,
For when I walk upon my way it's left-foot-and-then-right....
Not an awful lot for anyone to see!
So isn't it peculiar that a 'non-event' like me,
Should walk a silver carpet on my way,
A carpet patterned overall with filigree designs!
Yes! Very odd! There's nothing more to say!
A green carpet here:


Bogey said...

Perhaps a little self depracating but really, when the time comes, do you think our creator is going to pay much attention to the colour of the carpet we trod upon? Whether it is laid out in front of us by a bunch of n'er do wells or rolled out on our own. I don't think so.

Adelaide said...

I just wanted to say I really liked your poem. I try to write poetry, so I'm also trying to take time to really notice things when I read other people's work. I love that you chose to capitalize certain words and that you keep your tone so humourous and fun-loving.