Thursday, October 15, 2009

Board Hoard


Skateboarders! Wild boys! Addle-minded youth!
That's how we see them and that's the truth.
Whooping it up around the streets,
With semi-acrobatic and noisy feats!
Jumping the kerb with a raucous clatter.
Only the pleasure of it seems to matter.
Terrorising ladies with shopping trolleys
And riding over the toddlers' dollies!
Not very bright and selfish to the core.......
But please keep reading because there's more.
The boards above were all donated,
After they'd all been decorated,
With brilliant motifs, gaudy hues,
The painter had the right to choose,
With the proviso, the added clause,
That they'd earn some money for a cause.
They were sold at a profit for a charity;
The Cancer Council it happened to be.
So let's not judge a book by its cover.
There's good in all, as we discover.
Another good cause here:


Maurice Lauher said...

A great photo and a very witty poem - we often misjudge our young people don't we?

Martha said...

You are so talented! Love this week's entry :-)

F.M. said...

I knew that those were skateboards! I love the shot...and the poem. Well done!

Have a good day!

Maria's Space said...

Works of art! They make great wall hangings as well as a way to look cool.

Linda :) said...

Very nice boards and a lovely poem... :)

Jama said...

Love those colors, and you write beautifully!

annies home said...

i love to see what is on each individual skateboards

Anonymous said...

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