Tuesday, October 6, 2009




'The City is in
A Frenzy of excitement!
Their team has won!'
'I rushed around in a Frenzy
Tidying the house.'
'It's been a Frenzy
Of activity here lately!'
What an example of
A trivialised word!
The dictionary
Is wiser.
'Frenzy; intense, wild, compulsive madness.'

Laura Jane Evans
'In a Frenzy
They rushed for the Exit!'
'The sharks
Encircled the small fish
In a feeding Frenzy.'
These I will allow.
Though it is hardly mad
To seek an escape
To have a good feed!
Surely the most lucid of artistic expressions,
Since no wild splurgings of paint
Are involved,
Express Frenzy beautifully.

See the mind
Trying to break through,
To make sense,
To unravel!
See the meaningless strands
And feathers and wings.
Hear the screech!
I can.

Mr Mandelbrot himself here:


Margaret Gosden said...

I seem to be following you into the future again, being the first to comment on Frenzy! I am working in a frenzy to catch up on all my contacts, still! You should see my name all over the place, trying to
re-establish my good name and assure people that I am not stranded on a cold park bench in a London park! Unravelling and reconnecting - its a frenzy fest!
Drink a nice glass of Merlot with me tonight!

geraldgee said...
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Rinkly Rimes said...

Well, I'm afraid I have to leave you alone together! No-one else has turned-up!

Mariana Soffer said...

Great post, a little frenzy dough, maybe slower would have been even better. LOL. I loved the poem, you read it and become frenzy yourself, and I liked the things that you mention are frenzy such as fractals and dictionaries.
Check my blog if you want, in some post I talk about them.
Bye and take care.

annies home said...

is this a weekly meme as well as I would love to find one that plays on words

Jinksy said...

Oh, yes I have - but who/what is Nodakami, please?