Monday, October 12, 2009

Secretive Stuff.

Hidden Valley New South Wales


Fellow Blogger Gerald has a really nasty streak!
See below the photo he published just this week.
Take note of the message he wrote just down below!
He hates to share, that's obvious! He also likes to crow!
Well, I publish a similar picture! And I give the location!
This just proves I'm generous in a similar situation!
I even publish his photo to show I don't bear grudges.
I shall be judged superior whoever may be the judges!

"Somewhere in Wales but I'm not telling you where."
Then I add a little postscript just as a parting shot.
I may be kind and generous but a lady I am not!


Another hidden paradise here:

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Margaret Gosden said...

Hey, are we jesting or are we jousting here!