Thursday, October 29, 2009




What a way they have with colour! Our friends of the Indian race!
It's as though they take a paint-pot and splash it about the place!
We see it in documentaries which delight us on TV,
And friends who've been there all declare it's the same in reality.
I here present my good friend Kat, (we meet in cyberspace)
And you'll see there's a solemn expression on everybody's face.
Kat and his wife have just built a house and here it is being blessed.
He sent photos of the ceremony and I was quite impressed!
But look at Kat's wife's sari! The colours simply glow!
She bought it for the occasion! It's better than a show!
And though Kat's wearing snowy white the silk picks up the hues;
And we can see oranges and pinks, yellows and golds and blues.
The house is not yet finished, hence it's dull and grey,
But soon it will glow with colour in a truly Indian way.

More of the exotic East here:


Margaret Gosden said...

Before enlarging, it looked like they are playing cards! In fact, they seem to be making a 'sand' painting (as in mandala), only using other objects besides sand. Interesting! As for the colourful clothes, I do wonder about the laundering and what they do to keep clothing looking so crispy clean!

swapna said...

YOU captured it nice. Its true that we celebrate colors every day. Earth, Fire , Water and Air, are witness to all ceremonies bringing goodness and blessing our way.