Tuesday, October 20, 2009


This Meme will be no more after this month! It's a shame, but all good things come to an end!



I've wanted this man on my Blog
Ever since I read 'Meg and Mog',
Not to myself, you understand,
But to children who chanced to be on hand.
When I saw he'd written 'Stop and Go'
I said to myself 'Well, what do you know!
Here's my chance to incorporate him
And everyone else will get to rate him!
Jan Pienkowski was only three
When war surrounded his family.
Warsaw, in Poland, the place of his birth,
Was one of the wretchedest towns on earth!
When he was ten the family moved
And their fortunes were much improved.
They settled in England finally,
And Jan learned the language quite speedily.
He learned it so well that he wrote with ease
The books that bring back such memories.
His books for children have brought such plesure
That Jan is now a national treasure.


Another view of the Hitler period here:

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Jinksy said...

He was on Desert Island Discs yesterday! It's a small world, eh?!