Sunday, October 18, 2009



This is a car in Delhi and Kat is an Indian too,
But I'm sure this isn't Kat's car. This one's 'old' and his is new.
But I think it's rather lovely with an honoured claim to fame
And I'm sure it's wealthy owner calls it by a special name.
For most cars have a pet name that their owners like to use.
'Bhagylakshmi' Kat calls his car! A very smart name to choose!
I've no idea how to say it! But I think I'll have a try....
'Baggee-lack-shmee' ? How is that? Did my tongue get by?
And I've no idea of the meaning; it's bound to be something smart
Or else a bit romantic, maybe 'Queen of my Heart'!
I think I'll call it 'Baggy', it's easier to say!
And easier to cope with in a very quick get-away!
Our car's letters are festive.... 'XMS', a Xmas hint
Because it looks like 'XMAS' when written down in print.
So, of course, we call it 'Santa'; it doesn't seem to care.
We drive our 'sleigh' (how whimsical!)here, there and everywhere.
Kat is an Indian blogging friend (a 'blend') who doesn't take offense easily!

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Kat said...

When a Nobel Prize for Blendship is instituted we know who's going to get it...!!! :-)))))

Jeez, you're so right... romantically it means QOH (Queen of my Heart) indeed..!!!!

Touched you remember these. Thanks thanks.