Saturday, October 24, 2009



An omelet is a healthy dish, it's light as any feather;
It's just the thing for a tasty snack when there is balmy weather.
But if something more substantial is called-for any time,
This rich and sinful omelet is quite wickedly sublime!
Beat eggs and milk and paprika, with seasoning, of course;
And the beating need not wear you out; you can use gentle force.
Heat oil in the frying-pan of course not over-fierce,
Pour in the mixture, remembering to take a fork and pierce.
Lower the heat. Allow the egg to form a well-cooked base;
This should take three minutes; it's quick, in any case.
Now comes the really sinful part, take dollops of cream cheese
And flop it across your omelet as thickly as you please.
Then lay sliced avocado across the omelet base,
But only half for, when you fold, it has to stay in place.
Roll over, briefly, omelet-wise, allowing the cheese to melt.
Isn't this the most delicious thing you've ever smelt?
Serve with hunks of crusty bread. The compliments you'll get
Will be sounding very much like this ......'I want more avolet!'

4 eggs  ¼ cup milk  1 fresh avocado, sliced   4 tablespoons cream cheese
salt and pepper to taste   2 tablespoons vegetable oil  Paprika


Martha said...

Omelets are great anytime! :-)

Unknown said...

I like omelets anytime, about once a month we have omelets for dinner. The fresh avocado slices are wonderful in this recipe.