Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hide and Seek



Alright! You've counted to twenty and now you're on your way.
When Auntie takes us to the park it's a favourite game to play.
I'm peeking out between the trees! I saw you running by!
You'll never find out where I am, however hard you try!
It's lovely playing Hide and Seek in and out the trees!
Oh dear! Any minute now I think I'm going to sneeze!
What if you never find me! Will I be here all night,
Cold and stiff and hungry but still quite hidden from sight?
Surely you can find me! What if I give a cough!
No! You didn't hear it! Oh dear! You're running off!
Come back! Come back! Please find me! I'm really lost, that's clear.
You win! I'm stepping out now.
Hey look! I'm over here!

A little game for grownups here:

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Margaret Gosden said...

Love the photo, particularly when it is enlarged.