Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Forks in the Road


The words in blue come from
'The Unnameable' by Samuel Becket


All day, every day
We encounter forks in the road.
Some are trivial.
Bus or car?
Night-in or night-out?
Blue shirt or white shirt?
Little inconsequential forks.
Even they may be life-changing.
(I may fall under that bus!)
But what of the
Where now?
Who now?
 When now?
There are times when none of those are trivial!
Decisions are made
Which not only influence
Ones own life
But which condemn others to
The never-never land
Of the un-born!
I am young.
I approach a fork in the road.
Shall I live in Africa
Or in England?
'Where now?' in spades.
I am a little older.
Shall I marry
For children, security and friendship
Or wait for
That mythical 'Mr Right'?
'Who now?' indeed?
I am old.
I approach another fork
I am not able to choose time or place,
Left or right..
(Would that the Law allowed me to!).
The time of my departure comes closer.
It is already on some future calendar!
'When now' 
Now that's what I call a fork!
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geraldgee said...

My fork was in 1952 outside the Coronet cinema,Notting Hill Gate.
Left or right? Right,and within four minutes my life had changed for the rest of.