Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sad Clown

Lois Moilliet



The Sad Clown!......... Well, they always are,
Isn't that a well-known fact.
In the ring we see a Star
But that persona is all an act.
The clown above is in the wings;
His expression is his alone.
We see his grief, the pain it brings;
This is what the painting's shown.
The curtain will be drawn apart,
He'll step out with a painted grin,
Ready as always to play a part,
Hiding the anguish that's deep within.
Opera has its famous clown,
'Pagliacci' is the show.
The 'funny man' is feeling down,
The 'fool' is feeling very low.

Thou art not a man, thou’rt but a jester!
On with the motley, and the paint, and the powder!
The people pay thee, and want their laugh, you know!
If Harlequin thy Columbine has stolen, laugh Punchinello!
The world will cry, "Bravo!"
Canio walks out on the stage,
The people roar when he appears,
But he gives way to grief and rage
And exits blinded by his tears.


Tony Hancock, that sad, sad man,
Was beloved of Britains far and wide;
Everybody became a fan
Yet by his own hand Tony died.
He made them laugh, he made them smile,
He made the radio waves his own,
Yet he was in torment all the while
And he died hopeless and quite alone.

Tony Hancock
But statistics tell another tale;
'Sad Clowns' are rarer than we think.
Though some may try to smile and fail,
Others are really 'in the pink'!
The average age of a musos death
Is a startling early fifty-seven!
Actors take their final breath
At sixty-three and go to Heaven!
Composers live to sixty-five,
Young, when all is said and done!
But comedians happily stay alive
To an average age of seventy-one!
The exception's do not prove the rule.
The jolly are sometimes quite content,
Larking about, playing the fool,
And filling our lives with merriment.


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