Thursday, April 12, 2012




Don't you have an almighty urge to dislodge the bottom 'rung';
To take out the volume at the base, even though you might be hung?
To see the shelf above the books sag and then collapse,
Falling, maybe, on someone's head or a precious vase, perhaps?
The 'structural purpose' is quite clear; the book-seller's clearly handy;
The over-all effect is cute and sensible and dandy.
But oh the terrible, terrible urge to upset the apple-cart!
Maybe I'll 'nudge by accident'......I'm just about to start!


The Red Riding Hood of my youth was a dainty, childish creature.
Big blue eyes and their look of fear were always a prominent feature.
And, above all, she was innocent, and really rather shy.
She didn't know the ways of the world. Come to think of it, neither did I!
The Wolf was just an animal, ferocious and rather hairy,
But still, he wasn't macabre and strange, even though he made life scary.
But innocence has flown away, like a butterfly in the woods,
And every little fairy tale has been changed to 'deliver the goods'.

Are there any innocent little babes left in this world today,
Playing utterly childish games, the ones that we used to play?
Every heroine's sexual, the Wolf isn't after food!
It's 'boobs' and muscles and innuendo, all of it rather crude.
'Innocence' is old-fashioned; one rarely hears the word.
And maybe I'm an old woman who's verging on the absurd.
But children grow-up too quickly, at least to my way of thinking.
Childhood should be innocent.
After all, it's gone in a blinking.


Lesley said...

That is a great sign! I have been in bookstores that used books for furniture and supports.

Jim said...

An interesting use for some old books.

Luna Miranda said...

books with structural purpose--i haven't seen something like this before!:p what a fabulous find!

Carola said...

These books are very creative. I like the idea to tella message this way.

Dianne said...

my fingers would itch to move the books :)
fantastic sign

Unknown said...

That is a very clear sign. Hope every one has to follow. ^_^