Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tea Time

asks for a VERY short story


Tummies are rumbling.
The tribe is mumbling.
The great big pot
Is boiling hot.
Goodness me!
What's for tea!
Can it be......
No! Set me free!
(140 characters)


Dan, a burly working-man, walked into a bar one day
And he saw a very doleful chap sitting across the way.
Dan downed the usual jar or two and was utterly mesmerised
By the dreary fellow opposite, who seemed almost hypnotised!
Two hours went past and still the man sat gazing at his beer,
He didn't drink a single drop! He even shed a tear!
Dan became so frustrated! Time continued to pass!
Finally, already a little drunk, he grabbed the sad man's glass.
In one great gulp he drank the beer saying 'That's the way to drink!
When someone acts the way you do I don't know what to think!'
In tones of gloomy misery the man began to speak......
' It may be life is kind to you but I've had an awful week.
On Monday my boss gave me the sack, on Tuesday my old dog died,
On Wednesday my car was stolen; I had to hitch a ride.
On Thursday Mary left me; ran off with Bert next-door.
On Friday I lost my credit card! I just couldn't take any more.
So I decided to end it all, right here, on Saturday night!
Now you've gone and drunk my  poison!
I couldn't even get that right!'


We celebrated our Autumn birthdays today. There was only one and that was Malcolm! It's a good excuse to have a get-together. I cooked the main meal and Michelle brought a fruit salad and Rebecca a crunchy Asian one. It was all very tasty and it was lovely having the house ringing with laughter. As soon as the little boys see Brian they want to wrestle.
 We had brought them both 'puppets' (I think they were oven-mitts really!) from Tasmania. One was a Tasmanian Tiger (now extinct), the other was a Tasmanian Devil. These added to the wrestling fun.
 Blake had a wild animal of his own!
I wanted a picture of Rebecca's new blouse. She made me promise not to put it on the blog. So?


Pat said...

Your SY poem is pretty much what I thought when I saw this photo posted on my son's blog...It really looks like he's been captured by hostile savages and being led off to the stew pot.

I enjoyed "The Last Straw" with its surprise ending, and your grands (I'm guessing they are your grands) are adorable. What a great idea to give those wild animal oven mitts to them as puppets!

Kay L. Davies said...

Well, now we know what your promises are worth. Tsk, tsk!
Looks like you had a wonderful time with the family. It's been a while since we had the children here, and not likely to happen until after our kitchen renovation.

Oh, and for Succinctly Yours — don't worry about having Pat and Jerry's son being eaten. Jerry did the same thing.

Calico Crazy said...

I love your microfiction, it seems most of us are doing the poor guy in. Good thing we now know he survived in real life ;).

Grandma`s Goulash said...

Now Pat and Jerry's kid has been poetically boiled!

I just knew there was something wrong with that beer. Good one.