Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Life as a Pie

asks us to consider ourselves as pies!


I know I'll be judged by my outer crust,
Which is rather over-cooked.
It once was egg-brown, smooth and young........
I recall the way it looked.
Outward appearances mean so much,
And there's no-one we can blame.
But my filling is still the way it was,
My essence is still the same.
Although I like very mild food myself,
I hope there's a touch of spice;
I hope there's a touch of tart lemon;
Too much sweetness isn't nice.
I'd  like a few crunchy nutty bits,
A crispness of retort,
And I'd like a hint of marsh-mallow,
I think the strawberry sort.
I'd like my filling succulent,
So that it's fresh and moist;
I'd like to retain the juices
In which I once rejoiced.
I'd like a lot of variety,
Every fruit should have a place;
And I'd like something thick and solid
At the bottom, to make a base.
I don't want the pie to be obvious
In terms of its final flavour;
I want the eater to think a bit,
Roll it round his tongue and savour.
My filling doesn't sound haute cuisine;
It's not to everyone's taste,
But at least I'm sincerely hoping
That none of it goes to waste.

(Originally from a prompt from Mad Kane)

A fellow who loved a good fight
Was, also, not terribly bright.
When he got in the ring
He would dance or he'd sing
And then be knocked out like a light!

Rebecca had her hair coloured today.....'chocolate for Easter' she says! I must say I do think it looks very yummy.

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