Monday, April 2, 2012




White heat is something we hear about,
But what about the yellow?
This is the hottest of pictures,
Devoid of the mild and mellow.
The hot pink face beneath the brim
Of the heavy yellow hat
Echoes the gold of surrounding fields
That she is looking at.
The yellow sunshade does nothing
To lessen the beating rays,
And everything is yellow-hot
Wherever she may gaze.
But the hottest thing in the picture
Is the heavy yellow dress;
Coping with all the petticoats
Must cause intense duress.
I long to offer a bikini
But I think she would be shocked!
How our ancestors suffered
From being over-frocked!

(A poem for children)

Rosie Rabbit loved to read.
Mother called? She'd pay no heed.
She was reading, as a rule,
When it was time to go to school!
She would not get out of bed;
Reading fairy-tales instead.
With ears pricked-up she would devour
Words and pictures by the hour.
She was given many warnings,
But wouldn't get up in the mornings.
In the end the family
Said 'Ignore her. Let her be.'
So Rosie read for days and days
Happy in her lazy ways.
Outside her window grew a tree
Which Rosie didn't even see!
After all, she didn't look;
 She was too deep in a book.
Her window had been opened wide
And branches soon grew right inside!
Shoots and leaves began to grow
In her room, above, below!
To the ceiling! To the floor!
Where shoots had never been before!
Still Rosie read and read and read
Propped up on cushions on her bed!
Finally the book was closed.
 Rosie closed her eyes and dozed.
When she woke how changed the scene!
She was quite encased in green!
The tree had covered up her bed
While she had read and read and read!
At first she thought it was a dream;
Then she gave a great big scream.
'Mummy! Mummy! Rescue me!
My bed is covered by a tree!'
They cut her out and Rosie said
'In future, I'll get out of bed.'


J.Rylie.C said...

i love the picture.

Please come and see my LEGO Project for mellow yellow.

katherine said...

i love it.