Monday, April 23, 2012


The Wordle

asks us to use all the words in the Wordle


'Exquisite' and 'ethereal' are such abstract ideas.
Real life is never perfect as they are.
The ferment and cacophony that we are subject to
Are like spangling to a really perfect star:
Like an origami dragon to a real-life fiery beast:
Like the shimmy to a wonderful ballet,
And throughout life we feel heartaches and an awful sense of loss
As we're yearning for  'the one that got away'.
I have shelved all thoughts of perfection in the coda of my life
I've settled for the charms of second-best.
I even like this poem though I know it's not that great,
And nobody but me will be impressed!


Coca-Cola is something that most of us have seen,
But did you know that, in the past, it was coloured green!
Mohammed is the favourite name for little boys at birth;
There are more Mohammeds that anyone else on earth!
You've used it when you've chattered; you've used it when you've sung;
The strongest muscle that you've got is the one we call the tongue.
Butterflies taste nectar with the bottoms of their feet;
That's why the insides of their shoes always taste so sweet!
It's been proved that elephants don't know how to jump!
If they could it's certain that they wouldn't be so plump!
So stop looking as puzzled as the gentleman at the top!
You can look relieved instead for this is where I STOP!


daphnepurpus said...

I liked your whirl poem a lot and it is so true! And "Really" is fascinating! I learned a lot! Thanks!

S.E.Ingraham said...

I love your poem and "really" both - esp the comment about elephants ... for ages I have had blogs and a company called Leaping Elephants Enterprizes based on the impossibility of elephants leaping and the belief that maybe, just maybe, if there's enough magic, or like Dumbo - if they have a feather ... well, you get the idea ... if elephants could leap, nothing is impossible ... thanks for reminding me of an almost forgotten philosophy of mine ...