Thursday, April 12, 2012

Nor Any Drop

                                                 Brenda Bryant



'Nor any drop to drink' and all that jazz.
Wetness is something that the ocean has.
But if I were impatient for a drink
I'd leave the salty ocean out, I think.
How good it is that, when we're parched and dry
Refreshing purity comes from the sky!
How rain at sea must seem to shipwrecked men!
They'll long for it to come and come again.
I feel I want to make my hands a cup
And catch the drips and drink the water up.
'Water, water everywhere', indeed,
But give us blessed rain when we're in need.


Tick one of these answers.

One of them is true
Yet I cannot cope
With either of them.
Where does that leave me?
Yes, the Universe has a limit.
It is like a glass sphere
With motes of dust
Dancing in it.
If one could fly to its outer limit,
One would reach
A great globular window.
Ah, but what would we see through it?
Maybe we would see nothing.
But how can one see
What is unseeable?
Maybe we would see something.
But what?
Yes, the Universe is limitless.
It just goes on for ever
In a way that is incomprehensible
To the human mind.
My brain rejects endlessness
As impossible.
My head aches
As soon as the word 'endless'
Maybe there is another state
Involving unlimited limitation.
This state may be beyond
The frail human consciousness.
Certainly mine.


Quiet One said...

Your poetry has so much depth! I like the way your express your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

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