Wednesday, April 11, 2012

South Coast Dreaming

                                      Brenda Bryant



A balcony, a rail, a sea,
The shadow where it ought to be.
Blue on blue and blue on blue;
I think it's time to dream, don't you?

(A response to a puzzle-picture!)

Some will look at this picture and understand it all.
Some others will hazard an intelligent guess and simply have a ball.
But when I look at this picture my mind goes completely blank.
Do you think it's my poor old family genes I have to thank?
To me it's a thing that's fashioned to go inside a thing,
But what does it do when it gets in there? How long is a piece of string?
Do the two little drops mean something? Has it been raining or what?
Or are the drops an acid that's about to hit the spot?
I'm supposed to get a message from the illustration here;
I'm supposed to fashion a story and grin from ear to ear!
But all my creative juices have dried-up at the source!
I know! It's a cranjethermium! That's what it is! Of course!
The 'little boys' (Greg's), as opposed to the 'big boy' (Rebecca's) came round today. While Greg and Grandpa were discussing cars the boys and I played with a Flannel Graph on the floor. They became very engrossed.

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