Tuesday, April 3, 2012




It's not often that you see 'em,
Not at our local Museum!
Ladies dressed in cowboy gear
Aren't seen very much round here!
They really live in the USA
Which is very, very far away.
I didn't strike-up a conversation,
But I bet she's just an imitation.
(I bet she's Australian, through and through
And her boyfriend's probably a Jackaroo!)
The world is, now, in such a muddle!
Once the races used to huddle
In their own corner of the earth,
Where their forebears had had their birth.
Now I bet someone's playing the didgeridoo
In some corner of Kalamazoo!
The bagpipes are certainly played a lot
In this completely un-Scottish spot.
We eat sushi, though not Japanese;
And we even feast on Devonshire teas!
Now here's a lass with her own lasso
Giving a demonstration too!
But the boy has a big smile on his face,
So she probably isn't too out of place.


If those redoubtable Men of Harlech
Had ever taken to munching garlic
Would their horribly pungent breath
Have scared their enemies to death?

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