Friday, April 6, 2012

Out Cold

supplied the first line


A woman was trying to show
She could lie, in the nude, in the snow,
But she suddenly froze
From her head to her toes
And her friends said 'Well, wouldn't you know!'


Do you find this man attractive?
(I'm speaking to females here.)
Do you long to be interactive
And caress each velvet ear?
He clearly thinks he's something;
Witness his leering gaze.
I look at his 'pecs'! My goodness!
Revealed, so they amaze.
And is that a 'Playboy' token,
Hanging on a chain?
His aim is to look sexy;
He's trying with might and main.
Are moustaches back in fashion?
Well, his I could do without.
He's bald underneath that head-dress
I'm sure, without a doubt.
Real rabbits are reputed
To be having sex non-stop
But surely this awful costume
Is completely over the top!
Has it something to do with Easter?
Never! Surely not!
Mr Velveteen Rabbit
You've definitely lost the plot!

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The Weaver of Grass said...

Hi - found you at last. I would love to put you on my side bar now that I have finally got to your site but I cannot see how to refresh with all the changes Google has brought in! Until I refresh I can't add any more - so must wait for my son to come back off holiday.
Reading your life story I am amazed by what you have done - what a fantastic life you have lead. Makes my nipping around in the UK sound very dull.