Thursday, April 12, 2012

Crystal Waters

                                  Rebecca Anderson



The waters of the Upper Allyn flow crystal bright and clear,
The result of our wet summer, an unusual feature here.
Rebecca toured the region and delighted in the views,
Proving that bad weather can sometimes bring good news.
River-beds, so often dry, were tumbling with bright water.
What a refreshing photograph! Courtesy of my daughter!


I knew we were over the hill, but I just didn't know how far
Till, one night, I looked at Eddie and recognised a star!
We hadn't made love for months and months, I thought we'd forgotten how,
But, suddenly, I got the urge and I knew the time was 'Now!'
He was busy reading the paper, his specs on the end of his nose;
I went and sat on the arm of his chair, in rather a sexy pose.
'Let's go upstairs, darling' I murmured in his ear.
I think I made my message unusually crystal clear!
Eddie looked rather startled at the idea of bedroom fun.
'Walk upstairs? Make love as well?....... I can only manage ONE!'

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Maude Lynn said...

Oh, "Endurance" is funny!