Friday, April 6, 2012

Dual Purpose

                             From the local press



Do not send to me, I beg,
A curious vase-like Easter Egg!
Though it might be rather smart
I could not take it to my heart.
The outsize flower looks quite surreal
And really lacking in appeal.
It's watery insides make a change
But I just find them rather strange.
An Easter Egg should always bulge
With sweets in which I can indulge.
The chocolate type, of course, is best
Although I'd welcome all the rest.
Creamy confections, brown and shiny;
Dollopy-large or cutely tiny,
All are acceptable at Easter,
When I become a chocolate feaster.
(Easter in the Land of Oz
Is really rather odd, because
We're not a race of Religious people,
Gathering beneath the steeple,
And it's not Spring, it's the opposite,
So bunnies and snowdrops just don't fit!
And yet, like the 'followers' we are
We hitch ourselves to a Northern star
And blindly follow those traditions
That quite ignore our own conditions.)
Anyhow, do not, I beg
Send me this type of Easter Egg!


In Brisbane on most afternoons
This man sells twisty-type balloons.
Right before our very eyes
He twists and bends and loops and ties
Making animals and birds
That leave us almost lost for words.
I don't know if he earns a living
But what a lot of fun he's giving.

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