Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Naughty Naughty!


Do you remember the spank,
The whack on the little bum,
Delivered by a much incensed
Dad or, maybe, Mum?
Do you remember the wooden spoon,
Do you remember the strap,
The expected parental delivery
That was rather more than a tap?
We didn't feel resentment,
That was the way things were.
But that was in the Old Days,
When teachers were known as 'Sir.'
Bad things happened, for certain,
The cane could be ill-used;
For certain there were children
Who were battered, even bruised.
But, on the whole, a spanking
Was a trivial affair,
With laughter following after.
I know, because I was there.
But then came the parenting manuals,
(See the lady up above),
When parents were taught that the little spank
Simply showed a lack of love.
So all parents pussy-footed,
Nervously being 'kind'.
Viewing as a sort of temple
The precious young 'behind'.
And is the world any better?
Are young people more benign?
Have we produced a generation
More thoughtful and more fine?
Answer that question yourselves, my friends!
And what do we have to thank
But the demise of that 'corporal' thing,
The very convenient spank.



When we walk down a busy street
We hear the thrum of the traffic's beat,
We see the myriad frowning faces,
We're very aware of humanity's traces.
When we walk by the water under the trees,
Where every prospect seems to please,
We know we're where we ought to be
And everything's in harmony.

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