Saturday, April 7, 2012

Pink Ladies



I gather you're sort of buskers, 
And you look quite a team!
Good, healthy, well-covered wenches
Who're a little broad in the beam.
I know you perform in New York,
For that's your favourite town,
And each and every one of you
Appears to be a clown.
(I say that in the nicest sense,
For clowning is what I do,
Although I'm not as colourful
Or physical as you.)
I presume you sing and, maybe, dance,
And generally fool around,
And you distribute a program
Saying where you can be found.
You, clearly, have a lot of fun,
And that's what life's about.
You add to the joy of living
Without the slightest doubt.


Every door seems barred to me!
Seems I never will break free!
Caught in a trap! What a situation!
All I have is imagination!
Perched on the parapet! Brolly high!
Escaping means I have to fly!

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