Sunday, April 22, 2012


                                   Brenda Bryant



To think an ocean, vast and wide,
Where surfers surf and sea-birds glide,
Where crashing waves come pounding in,
With a roaring primal din,
Where little sprats and mighty whales
Flip their million billion tails,
And ocean liners sail on by
Under the vastness of the sky............
To think a place so huge and wild
Could find room for a little child
To hold on to a father's hand
And investigate the Wonderland!


Because these days have passed,
This mirror scene portrays
Something rather sad,
A hint of earlier days.
For many years we met
In the house above the sea,
To chat and eat and laugh
With familiarity.
Christmases and birthdays,
All of them celebrated
And a change in the way of things
Was never contemplated.
Now Mary's moved away;
She's gone to pastures new,
And our little social fabric
Has gone, alas, askew.
This picture in the mirror
Has a sense of unreality.
It looks a little bit like a hint
Of unavoidable mortality.


Fun60 said...

Loved your poem that went with your photo on World tuesday photos. Will certainly be following your blog.

Powell River Books said...

Interesting tide pools. - Margy