Wednesday, April 18, 2012




Suburbia fades into a blur,
With all it's jagged edges;
The garbage-bins, the garden-gates,
The roof-tops and the hedges.
The hills, a backdrop during day,
Now form a looming mural,
And the bricks-and-mortar ugliness
Is magicked into rural.
Just for a second, radiance 
Transforms an average place
Into a thing of beauty
With a smile upon its face.

(An Acrostic)

Unless we all can live as one
No ravages can be undone.
If we cannot be united,
The wrongs we've done cannot be righted!
Every nation must pull its weight
Determining our future fate.
No 'Committee' can be perfection;
At least we can aim in the right direction.
This world just cannot stay fragmented;
Its present state must be lamented.
Outwardly we're not the same;
Name doesn't correspond with name.
Skins may differ, but not hearts!
Let's make a sum of our different parts!

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