Sunday, April 1, 2012


Port Stephens, recently.



Wallaby or kangaroo,
Wrapped in blanket of bright blue,
Saved from a shark-infested sea,
And now as cosy as can be.
This marsupial was discovered
In the ocean! And recovered!
He was floundering about
But humans came and fished him out.
Maybe he'd just strolled on the sand,
With fellow creatures close at hand,
When a giant wave had come
And swept him far away from Mum.
What great luck that he was sighted
And with his family reunited!


I suppose it doesn't pass as yellow;
It's merely sort of honey-mellow.
It's merely a sort of weathered gold;
And it has the air of rich and old.
This poster, when it first was hung,
Spoke of daring to the young.
Girls called Flappers would take their seats
Ready for all sorts of treats.
The Terrible War was left behind;
Now came adventure of a different kind.
It's hard for us to empathise,
Being so jaded, blase, wise,
With the excitement of the age,
When the world had turned a brand new page;
When rich girls led a life of ease
And, being daring, showed their knees.
I lived through the years from 1950,
When life was, oh, so dour and thrifty,
Into the 1960's when
Vivacity came back again;
From rigid morals, tight-lipped prudes,
To different ways and different moods.
That transition was exciting!
Everything seemed so inviting!
But the era of the 'Peerless' car
Was much more life-changing by far!
This poster shows the elegant side.
We won't ask what went on inside!

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SmilingSally said...

Perhaps we should name him "Sailor."

Happy Easter!
Happy Blue Monday, Brenda!

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