Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sound Effects

'hype, growl, justify'


Amid all the sporting hype 
We frequently meet the type
Who is a positive menace
Usually playing tennis.
The player is always a 'she'
Who screams like a banshee,
Letting out growl and yelp
As though she's beyond all help!
She tries to justify
Each sneeze-like blurting cry
By saying she's unaware,
But I think she just doesn't care.
Are opponents meant to quake
At the sounds she tends to make?
Or is she showing-off
With each loud anguished cough?
She may be great with a racquet
But oh what an awful racket!


Yesterday we took our tea
Down beside the shining sea.
The heat has faded from the sun,
It's Easter and the Summer's done.
But still beach culture rules the day,
Boys and girls still come out to play.
And here a fisherman, on his own,
Stands, hopeful, on a rock, alone.


Angel said...

I think it's meant to intimidate the opponent. I wonder if it works?

Sheilagh Lee said...

it is meant to intimidate the opponent.
Love the second poem creates quite the picture

Berowne said...

Sometimes you get two of those loud GRUNTers, on both sides of the net, belching away each time they hit the ball. Unusual, to say the least.

Unknown said...

It sure is noisy, but I've been doing interval training lately, and when I have to push my limits a little vocalization helps!